My Mission

My Mission for Wave Guide

My mission is to share examine the dynamics of a perfect wave and how geography, geology, weather, and fate combine to create locations that produce awe inspiring waves that we surfers dream about.

Having surfed some small beautiful little known beaches along the Oregon and northern California coast, I am going to begin sharing information about where and when you can surf.  In the winter most areas are expert only, but in the  summer, wet suits are required, but the waves range from easy to  expert depending on location and weather.

I also want to highlight some of the adventurous and determined surfers who are not only rock stars in the surfing world, they are also innovative and determined to make their mark on the sport.

Along the way I may veer off course to take a look at surfing culture in those areas and get sidetracked talking about some of the great surfers who have conquered or are still conquering them .

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