Disrupt Surfing Company Steps Into the Future with 3-D Technology

Surfers are rugged individualists who are their own brand.  They throw down the gauntlet to the wild forces of the sea and face the challenge head on.

Custom shaping a board that reflects their technique, theories,  and styles is an integral part of the hard core surfing experience.  They love to be creative with their boards, but not everyone can shape or design their own board from scratch.

Purchasing a board from a custom shaper can be expensive and not always satisfying.  It is difficult to communicate exactly what you want on your board.  Also, it can be difficult to bring your ideas to life.

Young entrepreneurs who making waves are two MBA students from the University of Sydney, Gary Elphick and Jason Rogers.  They are the founders of Disrupt Surfing, are giving customers the opportunity to design a prototype of their dream board  utilizing 3-D technology.

A file is created from this prototype that can be used to guide a shaping machine.  The entire process can take up to six weeks.  The inventors hope to eventually create the actual board using 3-D technology.  You can check out the process here.

Located in Australia, on the Bondi Beach, Disrupt Surfing Company allows surfers to select from a variety of over 500 board shapes and sizes.  Next, they choose  an art design.  Backgrounds are available from local artists, upload personal graphics or logo and finish it off by adding a name or message.  From there a 3-D technology creates the board which is then shaped, glassed and sprayed and finished by hand before being shipped to the customer’s door.  They can make boards from 2 feet to 20 feet or more long.

Not sure of the style you want?  There is a large gallery of pre-designed boards for sale, and another inspiration gallery under the About page.  There is a 365 day return or remake guarantee, so that every surfer is satisfied with their board.

Wish your skateboard was innovative as your surf board?  Disrupt Surfing Company now creates your custom designed skateboards as well.  Yoga more your style?  You can design an amazing, inspiring yoga mat also, using Disrupt Technology.

To further pull surfboard creations into the future, Gary Ephick, CEO and founder of Disrupt, is launching SmartSurf.  SmartSurf is uses a microchip that is embedded in the surfboards designed on Disrupt’s platform.  Surfers can simpy tap their phones against the board to access their surfboard designs, images from the production process, their registrations and surfing destination logs of their travels.  No app is installed as it uses cloud technology.

Disrupt Surfing is clearly on the cutting edge of custom surf board shaping.  It will be interesting to see how this technology affects the future look and function of surf boards.

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